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Fen Lo 


Functional Movement Certificate FMS, FCS 

Precision Nutrition Level I & II 

National Academy of Sports & Medicine CPT, CES, OPT Seniors

Power Plate Level I & II , Golf Certified

Pre & Post Natal certified 


Master of Science, Hospitality Management, FIU

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, NCTU


Los Angeles, Miami, Taipei 





My Own Words



There is no months old templates for your workout. This is not the typical trainer you see few hours a week. Wellness Management Life Coaching will be prevailed in coming years because it is the only way to succeed your ultimate sustainable and long term health and fitness.


Each of us has complete different set of life routine, genetic composition and personal preference of how we live our lives. It’s a science and art to identify key points, modify personal behavior further to reach balanced life style – I call it Equilibrium Balance.


People in modern society often live and function with chronic aches and pain, stress and anxiety, excessive and shortfall macro/micro nutrients, sedative or prone injury life style, sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality. Most of us don’t even know what’s healthy living feels like anymore. We correct cholesterol level by uploading more liver work; pack more caffeine to our blood stream instead of giving body a rest; take opioids to treat pain signals rather than strengthen muscles to alleviate join pain/load, workout at max intensity right after sitting in front of computer after 10 hours of work. We live in a fortunate modern society with advanced conveniences and comforts. By identifying smart and effective individual behavior modifications, we will be able to enjoy prolonged healthy life.


Once you walk into Fen’s Studio you have my absolute commitment. It will be total life examination, exploration and sharing so together we can find the most effective solution to the rest of your life journey. This is not a transient career for me. To help others is my life mission. I am committed not only to the most updated continuous education and researches but also to my best efforts to find solutions to your ultimate life goals. Whether it’s to hike mountains with grandkids, to continue jog at age 70, to have the best body of your life, to rehabilitate from devastating diseases, to control existing conditions or to prevent future high chances of chronic diseases.


Thanks for my parents raised me with love and integrity. Thanks to my education background of fundamental physics, chemistry, math and psychology thus I am able to see your movement with analytical eyes and science formula further to design the best program scientifically and psychologically .


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to deliver service to you. Your impact and influence to my life is greater than the reverse direction. Human body is such a wonder that I am committed a life long learning journey to deliver better service to you all. Ultimately along my path, I will devote all my experiences, energy and knowledge to help less fortunate population to improve their quality of life, reduce obesity epidemic in society and nourish healthy generations to come.




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