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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an art, but a habit.” - Aristotle  


Dear Habit Team, 


Would you like to make positive changes in your life?

If so, then join us to learn and practice behavior-changing habits that will impact your life.  


Welcome to the Habit Game. 


Fen Fitness is organizing and introducing the Habit Game to a select group in our community before 

nationwide program launch. Over each two-week period, you will learn and develop skills for one small 

habit at a time.  


First Habit Game – Eat to 80% full

September 2nd to 15th, 2019 


How do you eat? 

Do you eat when you are hungry, or when you are anxious or sad? 

Do you continue to eat after you are full? 

Is that dessert worth the discomfort that comes from feeling stuffed? 


Most cultures have sayings that advise about not eating past fullness: 

Hara Hachi Bun Me – Japanese 

Chi Fen Bao – Chinese 

Tie the sack off when it’s 80% full – German 

Eating mindfulness – Yogi tradition 


My mother was born during World War II and always cooked huge portions so that we did not 

experience the food scarcity that she experienced growing up. Me and my three siblings were taught 

that not a grain of rice can be left behind. Because of this early conditioning, I equated satisfaction with 

over-eating past fullness. 


We all approach food differently and find different reasons for justifying our eating habits. In this first Habit Game, you will receive direction and solution to influence the way you approach your eating 





September 16th to Sept 29th, 2019

Over this two-week period, we will explore and share the power of happy thoughts. During this Habit Game you will experience the influence that happy thoughts have toward shaping a positive attitude.


We will practice the daily habit of feeling gratitude, while keeping blameful and negative thoughts at bay. This will help you see and think differently and should be especially comforting during periods of unusual stress and negativity.

Don’t be surprised if you experience improvement in your sleep quantity and quality.

Future Habit Game

3 mins De-Stress Activity

Protein in each Meal

Healthy Fat Daily

3 colors of Veggies Daily

Sleep Ritual

Walk more


Dismiss Failures




Habit Game Format

Group text - daily exchange of pictures, thoughts, success, challenge and feedback to each other

Weekly Zoom discussion.


Participants required to:

1. Submit before and after short evaluation on effectiveness.

For example: Eat to 80% Full

How successful are you on scale 1 to 10?

2. Be open, ready and willing to share and learn from others.

3. Participate actively

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