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Corporate Wellness


OBJECTIVE: To Build Healthier, Happier and More Productive employee force. Increase efficacy for profit growth and decrease human resource and health insurance cost.




I. Corporation Level

A. Workshop: Nutrition, fitness workout, recovery to holistic wellness management for daily life.

B. Group Consultation: Create support group within company for accountability.

C. Online Program: Nutrition and Fitness Platform powered by industry leader Precision Nutrition.

D. Game Play: Competitive or friendly games to motivate employees to have fun while learning wellness life style.


II. Individual Level

A. Private: One on One nutrition, workout, recovery session virtual and in person.

B. Small Group: 4 to 6 people team session.

C. ProCoach program: Online program designs to change lives.


Short Term Goal 6 to 12 months

Participated employees becomes happier, more productive, healthier and better team members. 


A. Employee Satisfaction Survey

B. Company productivity Report by department or individual

C. Health check up

D. Management evaluation


Long Term Goal 2 to 5 years

A. Employee Satisfaction Survey score progress annually

B. Company profit earning growth by individual productivity and team work advancement.

C. Biomarkers improvement such as Blood Pressure, Weight Loss, Injury Prevention, Insulin Sensitivity.

D. Adhesive and close work force to increase company net margin.


Proposed Plan

Monthly workshop to educate employee with overall wellness information.

Period Game Plan target overweight and obese group lose 2 to 5 lb per months.

Regular exercise program designed for individual.

Online program to form healthy daily habit and change unhealthy habit.


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