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Have we forgotten how to live heathy? Technological progress and convenience of the modern world made our lives more efficient, but are we also healthier and happier than our ancestors? Our bodies and minds without nourishing and care start decaying day by day. Lack of quality sleep, mental clarity, constant food craving, difficulty to walk stairs, aches and pains…. Sounds familiar? It shouldn’t be a “new normal” for any of us. We must reject the notion that’s the reality of the 21st century. Human body and mind is a magnificent machine and with correct guiding can recover to its real and natural state. My wellness coaching approach is: YOU. We’ll work together to help you:

- Identify existing lifestyle, personal preferences, physical and mental state, priorities and long-term goals

- Become self-aware of internal feelings, emotions, physical sensations (for instance stomach full or hungry, aches and pains) and holistic health status

- Build healthy habits one small step at a time by utilizing existing strengths

- Correct underlying main issues and select effective and adequate solutions

- Create long term sustainable healthy lifestyle

Wellness Coaching:

Holistic Wellness Program in Fitness, Nutrition & Recovery.

Individualized program, in person, online or as a remote consultation. Additionally, I provide online program powered by Precision Nutrition. Backed by science, and proven effective by thousands of lives already changed. Precision Nutrition is constantly tweaking and improving the program based on the latest in nutrition, exercise, and psychology research

Coaching Methods: in person and/or virtual coaching(video, phone, text, chat, email). Virtual physical training can support you in variety of different ways:



Strength Training

Daily fitness

Functional Goal Oriented Training

Variety to avoid Adaptation

Kinetic Chain Re-Programming

Whole Body Vibration Training


Analysis existing eating habits, food choices, Macro/Micro nutrients surplus/deficiency, physical versus mental food intake challenges further to develop the right feasible guidelines based upon behavior science, weakest link and success probability to ensure feasible and effective nutrition plan.

You’ll improve your food knowledge, learn how to identify little cues your body send you at any given moment and learn how proper nutrition can help you feel better, recover faster and lower your stress levels.


Detoxing Cleanse Program 

Meal Delivery 


Stress hormone Cortisol not only slow down metabolism, but gear our body to survival state by storing fat. Appropriate recovery helps release stress, improve mood, relationship with others, work productivity, repair metabolism and restore quality of life.

You’ll learn how to improve your hormonal balance, choose micronutrients essential for recovery after exhausting day at work or witch kids. You’ll improve your sleep quality. One step at the time you’ll learn how to increase your physical and mental energy to last through the day.

Powerplate massage for muscle/connective tissues healing and Muscle groups relax to lengthening. Table stretch and massage. Foam Roll, Tigertail, Trigger Point recovery and rehabilitation.

Are you ready to take the first step? If you're still not sure, try my Holistic Health Self-Assessment

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