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Fen Studio is a licensed private training studio located in Madison Heights, Pasadena. It is a serene yet thoroughly functional space that is designed to help any client improve his or her quality of life through a highly effective individualized workout program.  Fen Studio is an exclusive space where Fen works with clients on a one-to-one basis.  No other trainer or coach shares the studio.  Each client is completely free to select his or her music and will receive individualized real-time heart rate and other key physical parameter monitoring.  There is also a private recovery room in which to receive accurate workout measurements and to discuss sustainable long-term results, including personalized nutrition guidance. 


Main Studio – Equipment & Open Space to support daily functional movement capacity and life goal specifics.


Kinesis ONE by Technogym

Kettlebell by Technogym

Vipr by Michol Dalcourt

Dumbbell by Stairmaster

Balance Hurdles

Balance Beams

Balance Pads & Boards


Ultra Slide Board


Bosu Ball

Functional Movement Screening & Functional Capacity Screening

Tool Rack- Jump Ropes, Valslide, Plyo Box 20cm & 40cm, Indian Clubs, Resistant Bands, Resistant Tubs, Matts, Grey Cook Band, TeraBand Flexbar.


Cardio Room – cardiovascular threshold progress & overall energy rejuvenation. Whole Body Vibration technology accompanied by most advanced cardio equipment.


Power Plate Pro 7

Skillmill by Technogym

Stairmaster by Matrix

Bike by Technogym

Multi Grip Pull Up Machine by Hoist

Core machine by Technogym

Boxing Room – Stress reliever, Calorie burning, Agility, Self defense.


Boxing Machine by Nexersys


Stretch Room – Warm up and Recovery before and after workout session.


Posterior Stretch Machine by Technogym

Anterior Stretch Machine by Technogym

Massage Table

Trigger Point Kit by Performance Collection

Tigertail, Foam Roller, Massage Balls

Assessment Room – coaching every step in life to ensure ultimate fitness and goal advance from initial body composition analysis, daily life detail remodeling to sustainable long term life solution identification.  


Body Composition 570 by Inbody


Outdoor Space:

2000 sq ft space for outdoor program


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