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Monthly Membership: $2500

Each session is 50 min.


*Membership plan is non-refundable and cannot be prorated in case of cancellation, travel, vacation or no show. Client can request a virtual coaching session, if not able come in person.

Fen Fitness Concierge Services:

●Individualized Goal Oriented Results – body composition, lifestyle analysis and goal 

assessment and planning 

●Balanced Lifestyle Planning - workout, nutrition & recovery 

●Long Term Sustainable Skills Building – development of knowledge and skills for sustainable fitness  

●Support System Coordination - work with your physicians, therapist, support system and groups.  

●Sculpting & Strengthening - musculature, neurology, immunity all systems in your body  

●Flexible Consultation Platforms - in studio and virtual training  

●Recovery & Recuperation - design strategies to prevent injury and sustain quality of long life  

●Workout, nutrition and lifestyle program design and management 

●Nutrition - gradual habit building and knowledge developing  

●Workout and recovery program advice and strategies 

●Injury prevention and rehabilitation 

●Pre and Post-surgery preparation and rehabilitation 

●In studio training and self-work programs 

●All services provided by Fen Fitness team 


Treatment Services 


●Soft tissue treatment by Fen fitness team  

●Medical and specialized massage treatment by professional masseuses 

●Injury prevention and treatment 


Virtual Consultation Service 


●Daily consultation with Fen by text, e-mail and/or virtual platforms.

●Development of lifestyle improvement strategies including work-out program, nutrition planning, stress management skills, sleep rituals and flexibility mobility programs. 



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