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Philosophy & Methodology


Functional Goal Oriented Training

A workout program needs to cohere to each individual’s needs and condition.  Most trainers and coaches don’t spend nearly enough time with their clients, and they maximize their client numbers by using a standard, “one size fits all” approach.  But if a client’s goal is to eliminate knee pain, for example, then there is no need to bench press 300lb twice a week.  If another client has trouble standing in a tall in a neutral spine position, then there are more important areas to emphasize than sit-ups or crunches.

Variety to avoid Adaptation

The human body is incredibly smart.  However it can save energy (by doing less work), it will, even if doing so causes long-term injury.  The body is also expert at adapting to variables (again, to save energy).  If the same challenge continues to present itself over time, the body will find a way to adapt, both as a whole and from the cellular level, so that it will need to use less energy in order to survive.  At Fen Fitness, clients will learn how to challenge hundreds of muscle groups rather than just the same ones over and over again, which can lead to both overuse and underuse.


Kinetic Chain Re-Programming

The Kinetic Chain is the relationship, or connection, between your nerves, muscles and bones, and it governs all movement.  Due to the lifestyle changes that took place after the industrial revolution and, more recently, the computer/technology revolution, our Kinetic Chain deteriorated from an optimal movement pattern to a less balanced, compensatory structure.  The result for many people has been a cycle of cumulative body injury and chronic joint pain  By re-programming our body movement pattern and re-training each muscle group to perform its intended function, we will be able to prevent injuries and sustain a long and healthy life.


Whole Body Vibration Training

·      Increase Muscle Mass

·      Increase Bone Density

·      Improve Balance & Coordination

·      Increase hormones production such as HGH, Serotonin and Endorphins.

·      Rehabilitate muscle and/or connective tissue injury

·      Release tension & reduce stress


HIIT - Anaerobic Training + Steady Aerobic Training 



Strength Training – Total body, segmental muscle groups, singular  

Postural Reposition

Senior functional & preventive training

Patient injury rehabilitation





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