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Dear Friends, 


All you have to do right now is the next right thing. 


There never has been time, health is so important as now. All of a sudden, unprecedented global pandemic has caused everything to pause. Now is the time to MAKE PLANS and TAKE ACTIONS. 


Quarantini Chat: Let's get together, meet our neighbors, have virtual workout, discuss immune strategies and understand what COVID-19 is. Let's chat about all the silver lining changes in your life now. I have clients losing visceral fat from not eating out, clients getting a lot more sleep from less travel, clients do home-cooking and family activities more often. How about meeting neighbors? I bet you've said “hi” to more neighbors this week than all year combined. 


Knowledge is the KING. It's crucial to understand how virus infection works, so we can carry on with our lives in smart and effective way instead of panic, feeling lost or going beyond logical reason. I will use animated video to show you how infection works, so you can make wise decisions on daily basis. We will do workout program focusing on core, lean muscle mass maintenance and low impact cardio at your home. Nutrition is important and essential during this time. Let's GROOVE your healthy behaviors.  


Over a decade serving our community, my life goal has been to improve your fitness, prevent illness and injuries and make positive changes one person at a time. Please contact me with questions during this time, as small as to exchange a virtual hug or get on virtual platform to have a water bottle or cooking pan workout. 


Virtual xoxoxo

Saturday, April 11th, 10:00-10:30am PDT

Tuesday, April 7th, 5:00- 5:30pm PDT

Live on:

ZOOM Password - 621 622


+1 669 900 6833 Meeting ID: 295 832 4070

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