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Andrew Crowell

Vice Chairman, Individual Investor Group, D.A. Davidson & Co

I had never used a personal trainer before Fen Fitness.  While I considered myself focused and disciplined with my own regular gym schedule, I knew I wasn't achieving the full health goals I desired.  My wife had been training with Fen for more than a year and telling me how outstanding her approach was, so I decided to give it a try.  From the very first assessment and workout session, I could tell that this was going to be far more comprehensive than I had imagined.  Fen consulted with me on diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, recovery and balance.  "Fitness and health is a full time job!" she encouraged.  Over the past year I have seen meaningful improvements in my energy, strength and sleep patterns.  Her completely customized approach and ongoing personal life coaching around stress management, nutrition, sleep and exercise have been truly transformational.

John Bryson

John Bryson, Former Secretary of Commerce in Obama Administration, Former CEO of Southern California Edison

Fen is an exceptionally intelligent and deeply principled person with a strong work ethic.  Her training skills, commitment to her clients, and intensity are unmatched.  It is a great honor for those of us who have the privilege to be her clients.

Fenfitness is a comprehensive program geared towards health of body and balanced living. She tailors workouts and the overall program so that I am constantly pushed to improve my wellness. She is goal and outcome-oriented, and keeps our program focused on attaining these milestones. She keeps the sessions interesting, tough, and fun. Simply outstanding.

Steven Katz 

Vascular Surgeon

I have worked out almost all my adult life. At age 62, I felt as though I had reached a plateau and that maintaining my current state was all I could hope to achieve. After seeing the incredible benefit my wife had gained by training with Fen, I thought I would give it a try. Within one year, I had cut my body fat in half and gained 15 pounds of muscle. With her guidance, I have been able to maintain these gains for over three years. I could never have done this without her advice and encouragement. She is a trainer without peer.

Kate & Paul Wynn

Product Specialist, Western Assets

Fen has been our trainer since 2010. The main reason we remain loyal is her dedication to her clients and her willingness to embrace new ideas to help us on our fitness journey. Over the years we have covered nutrition, motivation, sleep issues, and injury recovery and prevention. She has even helped out with my husband's under-14 soccer team. What I like is her holistic approach to fitness - it's not just about the number of reps, but more what works best for each person's needs and lifestyle. We would happily recommend Fen as a trainer and wellness coach to people in all stages of life. 

Jennifer Willhite

Professional, Highly educated, and continues to educate herself on the latest evidence based methods and practices.  Supportive of whole person / family based wellness, not just “working out hard” for the 50 minute session you booked.  Fen considers all aspects of her clients’ lives:  their nutrition, their sleep, their breathing, their emotional state, their heart rate, their physical state. She knows your body and will ask about specific muscles, and will even notice right when you walk in the door if you are moving differently. When you come in for your workout, she asks how you slept, what you ate this morning, how much water you had;  she is truly concerned with the whole person and lifestyle and in helping guide  - not boss nor demand - for each individual’s best self.  Instead of any criticism, Fen guides and motivates with knowledge of her craft and knowledge of what the individual’s needs, goals, and potentials are.  I don’t have the correct words to describe how wonderful Fen is:  she is so much more than a personal trainer.  That’s kind of like saying LeBron plays some basketball, or Beethoven wrote some pretty good music.  She is passionate, dedicated, smart, hard working, highly educated in her field and others, funny, interesting and interested in learning more, a great cook, a fabulous dancer and a lover of opera and beautiful music.  Fen is continuously pursuing developing and adding to her practice and her life.  She’s always up for trying new adventures and continues to challenge her clients and herself.

Peter Wang

Private Client  Financial Adviser

Fen has been a professional personal trainer and a close friend to my family since 2010.  As a top-notch trainer, Fen is always fully engaged with my physical wellness.  Her fitness programs are tailored to my unique needs. She is always passionate about helping clients with their wellbeing, and she motivated me to achieve and maintain my healthier lifestyle. In 2010, when my wife and I were expecting our first daughter, I was in a terrible shape due to an extremely busy working environment.  Fen was the one who encouraged and trained me to regain my strength and stamina.  I am personally grateful to her expertise.  She will always be our dear friend!

Kurt Osenbaugh

Partner, Alston & Bird LLP

Fen has trained me for several years now. She is extremely knowledgeable about exercise, the human body, as well as nutrition. She’s great at motivating you to work harder than you thought you could.  She is very creative and designs workouts to be fun and varied. For example, our sessions have included free weights, machine weights, the Vipr (tubes of various sizes you swing around for both strength and cardio work), and boxing. I always leave our sessions laughing—but knowing I got a great workout.  I have a number of issues, including an arthritic knee, and Fen is mindful of that in planning our workouts.   She also pays attention to your fitness goals and creates a plan to achieve them. Fen’s great! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Mark Haddad

Mark - Adjunct Professor of Law at USC and former Chair of the Appellate Practice at Sidley & Austin Miranda - Literature Professor and Dramaturg

Fen has been a wonderful trainer and friend to our whole family for over seven years.  She combines expert knowledge and technique with a warm and encouraging manner in an individualized approach that is specifically designed for each client.  She never bullies her clients – no “boot camp” here!  Thanks to Fen, we’ve all been able to achieve our fitness and nutritional goals, and we’ve all implemented long-term lifestyle changes.  We are all so grateful to Fen for her expertise, her kindness, and her warm and encouraging attitude.  Although she is an amazing trainer and coach, she is so much more than that — she is truly a healer.

John Frank

Board of Director, Chevron

Vice Chairman, Oaktree Capital Group

Fen is very knowledgeable and caring.  You would be hard-pressed to find a trainer more skilled, committed to your well-being or capable of helping you achieve your goals. 

Whether you’re new to exercise or an accomplished athlete, seeking modest conditioning or a comprehensive make-over, occasional sessions or a regular schedule, Fen will more than meet your needs.  She is highly-educated, eager to help you learn more about all aspects of exercise and nutrition, and unusually dedicated to your overall health and wellness. Highly recommend; no reservations.

I have not exercised regularly for most of my life. About 3 years ago my daughter noticed a large drop in my energy level and stamina. She had been going to Fen for several years and wanted me to start working with her. About the same time I found out that my breast cancer had spread into my bones and that I am in stage 4 of cancer. When I came out of the hospital and could barely walk or even stand for that matter. Fen came to my house and started working very gently with me. She went to the appointments with me and consulted with my doctors and designed program for me. Fen has encouraged me every step of the way. She adjusted  my sessions with her to fit my needs each day. Today with loving support of Fen and my family I am walking, driving and leading a normal life for an almost 80 years old woman. Fen + exercise + medication + loving support gave me my life back.

Coming to exercise here is one of the healthiest decisions I’ve ever made. Fen’s studio setup is wonderfully versatile in providing different outlets of cardio, strength training, stretching, and other types fitness to ensure one gets the most out of each workout. Fen also does an excellent job of making sure the equipment is well maintained and that each machine or weight is operating correctly. Fen herself is a fantastic coach and teacher. She is supportive, thoughtful and encouraging, but nevertheless makes sure you are always exercising and improving your health at a pace that feels comfortable to you. She is also very helpful in explaining how certain machines or weights work, as well as which muscles are being exercised each time. Furthermore, Fen is a great resource for learning about healthy eating and nutrition options too. I have worked together with her to create and, over time, develop healthier eating plans for myself in addition to all of our fitness work. Overall, I am very grateful for Fen’s guidance and extremely proud of the progress I’ve been able to make with myself. I would recommend to anyone who is seeking 1-1 instruction with physical exercise, nutritional information, or healthy lifestyle development.

Thuc Tran

Private Client  Financial Adviser

It all started when my friend asked me to go see her trainer with her. I thought it’d be a walk in the park. I was wrong. Fen truly pushed me to my limits. It was a humbling experience and quite the reality check for me. We kept seeing Fen from that day on and it has been about 7 quick years. I added at least 10 lbs. of muscle, lowered my blood pressure from high to the normal, and finished the 22 mile Mt. Whitney trail in one day. Fen is not just a trainer but also a coach that will be there every step of the way; from your exercise routine to your eating habits to addressing an injury. I recommend her if you are serious about making a change in your health for the better.

Michael Gurevitch


Despite being a physician who should know better, I have spent more time worrying about the health of others than myself. Overweight and not being a gym loving person, it wasn't until my wife gave me an ultimatum that if we were to safely travel, I needed to lose weight and get into shape. She recommended Fen as she knew I needed a more private, home type environment with a knowledgeable trainer who would work with my limitations and answer my unending questions. Fen did an detailed intake which has included an "in body" impedance breakdown and has provided common sense dietary recommendation and workouts that respect orthopedic and age limitations. She understands the psyche of those of us with motivational issues.  I now actually look forward to our sessions, have lost 12 lbs and have improved strength, balance and confidence in just a few months, all while enjoying my music! Her enthusiasm is infectious and a consult with her would be a great way to meet your New Years resolutions. Machu Picchu, here I come in 2020!

Miranda Haddad

Literature Professor and Dramaturg

When I first met Fen eight years ago, I was the heaviest and least fit I had ever been in my life.  I was truly ready to feel stronger and more energetic, and to make positive, sustainable changes in my life, but I was worried about working with a trainer again.  I had had some negative experiences in the past, and I knew I wanted a trainer who was supportive and kind and would never bully me.  I found that trainer in Fen.  From the moment I met her, she was welcoming, nurturing, and encouraging.  Thanks to Fen, I was able to make and sustain all the health and fitness changes I had hoped to, and many more.  An unexpected and serious health condition that started four years ago changed my lifestyle and fitness goals yet again, and Fen has been right there with me through it all, helping me to be proactive about my changing health status and to take better care of myself.  I always knew she was an amazing trainer, but I wasn't expecting her to adapt so beautifully and helpfully to my changing health picture.  She always meets her clients wherever they are, even when that place changes over time.  I'm so grateful to have found Fen. I can't say enough good things about her.  Thanks, Fen!

Jinny Umland

Will Haddad


David Moromisato

David Moromisato, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Cardon Children's Medical Center

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