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Your 300 Challenge


$0 enrollment fee, 100% commitment!


By the end of each month, Everyone will be a winner.

The person with the most points scored will be the $300 winner!


Game Rules


Every Tues 5pm, you will join sessions in person, or In Writing. 



50% Exercise Time. 

Over 2 hours - 4 Points 

Under 2 hours  - 3 Points

Under 60mins - 2 Points

Over 30mins - 1 Point

Exercise - All activities count: Walking, Lifting Weights, Sports, Home Workout, Yoga, Meditation, Stretching, Breathing Drills. 


Record on your own. 


50% Progress from where you started.

On the first of each month, you will pick one topic or multiple areas which you like to learn and work on. Fen Fitness will be the judge based on your circumstances and commitment to make changes and progress each week. 


By the end of the month, everyone will have learned, discussed, acted and succeeded in his/her own way! 


This is the kickoff event for the New Sapiens Movement.

The human race needs a complete revolution. Evolution did not prepare our minds and bodies for the modern environment we have created.

Our species, Homo Sapiens, is built for the world of the past. It's time to lay the foundations for a better way of living and become “New Sapiens” that can thrive in the here and now.

The sooner we start, the less we will suffer from depression, anxiety, obesity, and other modern diseases and afflictions.

Please join the movement - together we will learn the fundamentals of a new happier, healthier lifestyle, and help our loved ones to do the same. 

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Health and Fitness Goals - You can choose more than one
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