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Benefits Of Having a Wellness Coach

Working out is an art and science. It involves physics, psychology, behavioral science, therapy and entertainment elements. Working out on your own is good, but exercising with a trainer is so much more effective, efficient and safe. For example, during a recent training session, my client noticed shoulder pain during a ball slam exercise. That allowed me to not only modify our session to avoid further discomfort, but to also explore movements to alleviate the underlying source of the pain. I am not only a fitness trainer but also a wellness coach. I regularly consult recognized experts in exercise and body mechanics, nutrition and holistic well-being. Your quality of life may be great, but having a wellness coach can definitely take your success to the next level. Twenty years ago I was a typical gym member, thinking I understood my workout, and skipping the complimentary training session many gyms and trainers offer. Now I understand the significant difference expert coaching can make. If you've never experienced the benefits having a trainer/coach, give it a try!

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