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Hunger Or Habit?

Let's talk about HUNGER today. Do you eat when you are actually hungry or simply due to your habitual routine? Since WWII human hunger has declined significantly. Now, for most of us in the United States, obesity, not hunger is the problem. In the U.S., about 71% are overweight or obese. Our busy, stressful and sedentary life-style has made a well digested, healthy meal difficult. Fast food, frozen packages and commercial snacks are too easy access to resist. Our hunger cue often no longer comes from our authentic survival basics but our brains' deceptive responses. Often my first nutrition lesson to clients is to check in truly with your internal cues: if you are truly hungry then make a healthy food decision. If you are not hungry, consider eating a bite of the birthday cake instead of two slices; don't open the new bag of potato chips after coming home from dinner; eat slowly so you can stop when you are full instead of uncomfortably bloated. You may be eating or binging for emotional reasons having nothing to do with real hunger or nutrition Are you overeating to temporarily relieve emotional issues such as stress, loneliness, dissatisfaction, fear, or deprivation. Of course, there are more healthy ways to alleviate the problems of daily life than eating. Let me help you find them!

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